What To Expect At Your First Massage

If this is your first experience with massage, this information is intended to make you more comfortable at your first appointment and to help you to get the most out of the treatment. After booking the appointment, you should receive an intake form sent to your email. Please have this completed before your appointment to save time. If you have had surgery, an accident or injury that required medical attention within the past 6 weeks, please consult your doctor prior to receiving massage.

Your massage will take place in a private a treatment room. This is  where your massage therapist will review your treatment goals for the session based on your intake form. Feel free to communicate any questions or concerns you might have. After the conversation, the therapist will leave the room. You will then disrobe to your comfort level. Some clients will completely undress while others are more comfortable leaving their undergarments on. Either way is fine. You will then get on the table and under the covers. You will be face up or face down based on what you have decided with your therapist. The tables are heated so you will be warm. Once a sufficient amount of time has passed, your therapist will knock on the door before entering to be sure you are situated on the table under the covers. You are draped throughout the entire treatment. 

Once the treatment is over, the therapist will leave the room and you can get dressed. A towel is provided in case you would like to remove any lotion. 


Feel free to communicate with your therapist at any time during the treatment regarding your comfort (too hot, too cold) or if you would like more or less pressure.